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This homework is due on April 19, 2021 at 11:00pm. Please submit as a pdf file on Canvas.

In this homework, we will work with two datasets, US_counties and US_census. The dataset US_counties contains the geometry of each county in the US and thus can be used for drawing maps. The dataset US_census contains numerous pieces of information about US counties obtained from the US census. Both datasets have a column FIPS which can be used to uniquely identify each county in each dataset.

# data preparation
US_counties <- readRDS(url("https://wilkelab.org/SDS375/datasets/US_counties.rds")) %>%
  rename(FIPS = GEOID)

US_census <- read_csv(
  col_types = cols(FIPS = "c")

Problem 1: (6 pts) Make a choropleth map of the percent home-ownership (column home_ownership in US_census) for all counties in the US. Choose an appropriate color scale and design for this plot. You may notice that there is one county in Alaska for which home-ownership data is not available. Write data analysis code to identify this county.


  1. Use theme_void() as your theme

  2. You will have to join US_counties and US_census. Join them by the FIPS column.

  3. To make nice percent labels, you can use label = scales::label_percent(scale = 1) in your color scale function.

  4. To find rows with missing data, you may want to use the function is.na().

Grade breakdown: 2pt for the plot, 2pt for the plot design, and 2pt for identifying the county in Alaska for which home ownership data is not available.

# code to make the plot
US_counties %>%
  left_join(US_census, by = "FIPS") %>%
  ggplot() +
  geom_sf(aes(fill = home_ownership), size = 0.1) +
    name = "home-ownership",
    option = "B",
    label = scales::label_percent(scale = 1)
  ) +