This is the dataset you will be working with:

olympics <- readr::read_csv('')

triathlon <- olympics %>% 
  filter(! %>%             # only keep athletes with known height
  filter(sport == "Triathlon") %>%       # keep only triathletes
    medalist = case_when(                # add column to track medalist vs not ~ "non-medalist",
      ! ~ "medalist"         # any medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze) count

triathlon is a subset of olympics and contains only the data for triathletes. More information about the original olympics dataset can be found at and

For this project, use triathlon to answer the following questions about athletes competing in this sport:

  1. In how many events total did male and female triathletes compete for each country?
  2. Are there height differences among triathletes between sexes or over time?
  3. Are there height differences among triathletes that have medaled or not, again also considering athlete sex?

You should make one plot per question.


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