Homework 4

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This homework is due on Feb. 19, 2019 at 4:00pm. Please submit as a PDF file on Canvas.

Problem 1: (4 pts) The following two data tables contain information about how many male and female passengers traveling on the Titanic in different classes survived or died. The data-frame survived contains information about passengers that survived, and the data-frame deceased contains information about passendgers that died. Using the dplyr and tidyr packages, make these data-frames tidy and then combine them into a single data-frame. Make sure that your final data-frame has a survival_status column indicating which data-frame the observations originally came from. HINT: You can use the bind_rows function to add rows from one data-frame onto another as long as both data-frames have identical column names.

survived <- read.table(text = "
class  male female
1st    57    140
2nd    14     80
3rd    75     76
crew  192     20
", head = T)

deceased <- read.table(text = "
class  male female
1st   118      4
2nd   154     13
3rd   387     89
crew  670      3
", head = T)

# R code goes here

Using the data-frame you created above, compute the total number of passengers that survived and that did not survive.

# R code goes here

Problem 2: (3 pts) The chickwts dataset contains information on the weight of chicks after being fed different feed supplements. The different feed supplements are labeled casein, horsebean, linseed, meatmeal, soybean, and sunflower in the feed column. I have created a new data-frame (feed_names), that contains the abbreviated names of different feed supplements. Using one of the dplyr join functions, combine the two data-frames so that there is an additional feed_abbr column and all of the original columns and rows in chickwts are retained. Which join function is most appropriate to use and why?

##   weight      feed
## 1    179 horsebean
## 2    160 horsebean
## 3    136 horsebean
## 4    227 horsebean
## 5    217 horsebean
## 6    168 horsebean
feed_names <- read.table(text = "
feed feed_abbr
casein cs
whey wh
linseed  ls
meatmeal mm
fishmeal fm
soybean sb
sunflower sf
corn co
wheatbran wb
", head = T)

# R code goes here

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Problem 3: (3 pts) Recall the flights dataset from lab 3 worksheet. Ask a conceptual question about the flights dataset. Your question should not repeat the questions from class materials. Describe in 1-2 sentences how you would answer this question with an analysis or a graph.

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