Lab Worksheet 11

Problem 1:

(a) Download the Medline record for the publication with pubmed id 25502413 and parse it with the Medline.parse() function. Then print a list of all key-value pairs returned in that record.

(b) Use an Entrez esearch query of the pubmed database to find out how many publications "Meyer AG" wrote in 2014.

(c) From the results of part (b), compile a list of all the publication titles of "Meyer AG" in 2014.

In [5]:
# Problem 1a

##HINT: You will need to use the following line in your code
#records = Medline.parse(handle)
#record = list(records)[0] 

# Your code goes here
In [6]:
# Problem 1a

# Your code goes here
In [7]:
# Problem 1c

# Your code goes here