The majority of our work in the lab is computational, but many of the ongoing projects provide ample opportunity to interact with experimental groups. We are generally looking for candidates with a background or strong interest in computational biology, systems biology, biochemistry, data science, theoretical physics, or computer science. Applicants with knowledge of R and/or python and with experience in high-performance computing environments are preferred.

Postdocs. The Wilke lab currently has several ongoing projects studying virus-host interactions on a cellular level, using a variety of high-throughput approaches. Most projects are computational, and potential research questions range from differential-equation or stochastic modeling of viral replication inside a cell to viral proteomics to high-throughput image analysis of single-cell virology experiments. We are also carrying out experiments in bacteriophage systems biology, in collaboration with the Bull lab at UT Austin.

Prospective postdocs should contact Claus Wilke by email ( and send a current cv and a brief (~1 page) description of research interests.

Graduate students. Prospective graduate students should inquire with Claus Wilke, but will have to apply through the regular process at UT Austin, either with the Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior Graduate Program or with the Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Program.

Undergraduates. Undergraduates usually work for course credit or volunteer. Please contact Claus Wilke and inquire about current opportunities.