A dataset containing weather information from Lincoln, Nebraska, from 2016. Originally downloaded from Weather Underground by Austin Wehrwein, http://austinwehrwein.com/. The variables are listed below. Most are self-explanatory. Max, mean, and min measurements are calculated relative to the specific day of measurement.



A tibble with 366 rows and 24 variables:


Day of the measurement

Max Temperature [F]
Mean Temperature [F]
Min Temperature [F]
Max Dew Point [F]
Mean Dew Point [F]
Min Dewpoint [F]
Max Humidity
Mean Humidity
Min Humidity
Max Sea Level Pressure [In]
Mean Sea Level Pressure [In]
Min Sea Level Pressure [In]
Max Visibility [Miles]
Mean Visibility [Miles]
Min Visibility [Miles]
Max Wind Speed [MPH]
Mean Wind Speed[MPH]
Max Gust Speed [MPH]
Precipitation [In]

Specific weather events, such as rain, snow, or fog

WindDir [Degrees]

The month in which the measurement was taken