ggridges 0.5.3

  • Make sure tests don’t fail if vdiffr is missing.

ggridges 0.5.2

  • There is now a project website at
  • A new example dataset has been added, Aus_athletes.
  • scale_discrete_manual() has been removed from the ggridges package, as it has been available in ggplot2 since version 3.0.0.
  • stat_density_ridges() now has a parameter n that determines at how many points along the x axis the density is estimated.

ggridges 0.5.1

  • The alpha aesthetic is now by default applied to jittered points. If you don’t want this to happen, set point_alpha = 1.
  • Allow custom function to calculate the position of quantile lines. This makes it possible, for example, to place a line at the mean, via quantile_fun = mean.
  • Allow coloring of quantile lines and jittered points by quantile.

ggridges 0.5.0

  • Expanded documentation and gallery of example plots.
  • Reworked stat_density_ridges, geom_ridgeline, geom_density_ridges, etc. so that jittered points and quantile lines can be drawn on top of the distributions. Points and quantile lines can be styled separately from the rest of the ridgeline plot, via special aesthetics.
  • Added position options to control how the jittered points are drawn. Default is uniformly spaced within the density area.
  • Added geom_density_line() which is a drop-in replacement for geom_density() but draws a ridgeline rather than a closed polygon.
  • theme_ridges() has been modified so that font sizes match the cowplot themes. In particular, this means smaller axis tick labels.

ggridges 0.4.1

  • Skip vdiffr visual tests when compiling on CRAN

ggridges 0.4.0

  • Initial import of code base from ggjoy, and renaming: geom_joy -> geom_density_ridges stat_joy -> stat_density_ridges theme_joy -> theme_ridges

ggjoy 0.3.1

  • Added an option to center axis labels to theme_joy().

ggjoy 0.3.0

  • Added cyclical scales that make it easy to alternate between fill colors and other aesthetics.

ggjoy 0.2.0

Numerous improvements:

  • New stat binline that can be used to draw histogram joyplots.
  • Various improvements in stat_joy. In particular, it now works properly with multiple panels. It also now has parameters from and to to limit the range of density estimation, just like density().
  • Improvements in the vignettes
  • New geoms geom_ridgeline_gradient and geom_joy_gradient that can handle gradient fills.

ggjoy 0.1.0

First complete implementation ready for initial release